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We both share one common goal - growing your business. And what is the best way to do that in the digital age? Develop a solid online content and marketing strategy.


I believe in the power of social media and its ability to supercharge businesses when it is in the right hands. As a seasoned digital media marketer for over a dozen top international corporations, I know exactly how to wield the power of social for your benefit. 


By using a strategic and grounded approach to marketing, I create exciting, industry relevant content that will help your business grow. Let's grab a beer and get started!


It's no secret - every brand requires thoughtful and strategic social media implementation. I have thorough experience tailoring new social media initiatives with brands both big and small to compliment their existing marketing mix. These goals could range from awareness of a new product, facilitating sales during a slow quarter, to building a loyal audience to pay dividends years down the road. In the current social media landscape, it is critical to pair the right channels and techniques to properly convey your stories and reach the correct audiences from day one. 


You can't take shortcuts when it's time to show the world who you are. Effective editorial planning and disruptive content conceptualization will help paint a crystal clear picture of what your brand stands for and why it is the superior choice over a competitor. I am skilled at creating comprehensive editorial plans that take into account these key factors:

-Priority brand initiatives

-Industry-specific consumer habits

-Current algorithm climate

-Post frequency

-Content optimization


All of these factors must be taken into consideration to effectively deliver your story to the most people possible. 


Stories won't tell themselves - and in digital, they won't tell themselves efficiently without a little help. Comprehensive analytic reports provide us with a variety of valuable insights that detail where we have come and how we should shape our strategy going forward. Monthly metric reports with detailed analysis and strategic recommendations should be a key resource for every brand who wants to get the most ROI possible from their content. Let's see how well your content has been performing and further develop our strategy from there. 



Community building is far more difficult now than it was in the dawn of the social space. Then, you could reach countless individuals outside of your community with ease. These days, it is extremely difficulty to reach new audiences without employing influencer marketing or some form of paid media. This evolution has made the social landscape a pay to play arena for anyone seeking to achieve concrete marketing objectives. 


One of the most effective ways to combat this problem is by supplementing your organic content plan with paid media. This tactic allows you to target your audience with pinpoint accuracy - all the way down to their hobbies, zip code, or time of day they see your content. The beauty of paid media is that you only pay for the views you receive and you also have access to detailed metrics outlining the success of your campaign - gone are the days of inefficient billboards and print material. 


The importance of effective copywriting cannot be overstated. Clever, concise, and strategic messaging will immediately hook audiences and deliver key selling points that can be quickly and easily consumed. This will help solidify the brand image as an authority figure within your industry and move followers steadily along the customer journey. 

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