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        Drifter, explorer, career taco aficionado - from a young age I have always made a point to see, do, and taste as much life as possible. This curiosity for life pushed me to compete in a variety of different sports and take up hobbies that included motorcycles, classic car restorations, the guitar, scuba diving, snowboarding, and a general thirst for exploration. As I began my career in digital marketing, this mindset took me from the deep fried south, to the golden sunsets of California, and most recently, settling into the pilsen drenched cobblestones of Berlin, Germany.


        I have been privileged to contribute to a number of industries along the way as a digital marketer that include: professional sports, automotive, insurance, and consumer retail. At each stop I have been exposed to digital marketing departments in various stages of social media adoption ranging from startups to established global leaders. This wide spectrum of work has given me valuable experience in building social media strategies from the ground up in varying environments. 



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