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Social Media Management


During my time spent within digital marketing, I have been fortunate enough to manage both web and social media assets with various entities. Over the course of my tenure at each respective company, I was responsible for the overall growth, traffic, and brand engagement. To date, I have been able provide impressive growth rates for each brand where I have managed social media. In order to achieve this growth, it was critical to implement the following features within the content streams: 

  • A brand identity or "voice"

  • Original content

  • Leveraging contacts for co-branded content

  • Engage the audience







Cutters Sports- Highlights


  • 4.8% Engagement Rate - 8 Month Average

  • 23.5% Community Growth - 8 Month Period 



  • 53.6% Community Growth - 8 Month Period



  • 5.63% Engagement Rate - 8 Month Average

  • 5.4% Community Growth - 8 Month Period

Clubmx Training Facility- Highlights

Following the four bullet points outlined above allowed me to provide unique and fresh content that was engaging to our fan base and industry. I was able to build relationships throughout the motocross industry with photographer/videographers as well as news outlets which allowed me to branch out and partner with other sites to share content and expand reach. Creating original articles and interviews for these third party sites were often published and helped drive traffic for us as well as expose more fans to our emerging brand. Below are a few examples of how I was able to utilize various social media tools to create an entertaining an impactful experience for our users.  


Over the course of my tenure, we saw an overall growth of online connections (likes, followers...etc) by over 86% and built more than 35,000 followers from scratch.

Original/Co-branded Content


Event Branding


One major contributor to our digital success was our events. Hosting ride days and open house events gave me an opportunity to capture new material to be shared on our social networks as well as through written accounts. They also gave the public an opportunity to visit the facility and feel that they were a part of the team, adding to their emotional connection. 

Video Content


Having access to some of the premier race tracks in the nation gave us the ability to produce some very impressive video clips which were used to help drive traffic from social media sites through our website. A healthy mix of video, photos, and editorial postings were critical in keeping our audience engaged and returning to our site. 

Original Health Articles


In addition to producing content through social media, I also utilized our in-house nutritionist to help produce a weekly nutrition article for our website. This helped give our audience articles that were an alternative to the weekly "motorcycle based" content while also appealing to several different demographics.  

Video Content


Our immaculate facilities were a great resource that aided our ability to produce our own in-house video production, but also attracted outside videographers who produced their own material on the premises. This allowed me to further our digital reach with minimal use of resources. 


International Content


Working with multiple international athletes meant increased international coverage, as well as interest from abroad. Utilizing this content allowed me to provide unique and interesting content unavailable to domestic fans, while also fulfilling the need of those abroad.  

Co-Branded Apparel


Our increased digital growth attracted outside partnerships and co-branding opportunities for the business. These partnerships helped raise our brand awareness and quality of products available to the public.  

Behind the Scenes Content


My unique posting of "behind the scenes" moments on the job were incredibly captivating to our audience and helped drive a large percentage of our traffic.  The organic nature of this type of post tended to be more appealing to our community because it lacked the general feeling of an advertisement, and was well recieved.  A targeted approach of being reactive when these moments occured allowed us to increase followers as well as credibility.  

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